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Things to Know before you go


* Passport ( ) Although passports are not always necessary for certain cruises, it is advisable for all adult passengers to have them. In case of an emergency, a passport may be required for a passenger to leave a ship and return home before the end of the cruises itinerary.

* Personal Identification (Drivers license, State ID etc.)
  It is always recommended that you carry more than one form of identification, better safe than SORRY. A picture ID other than your passport could be helpful.

* Travel Insurance

 *All medications should be transported in your carry-on luggage.

*Special needs guest should contact the carrier in advance. Passengers that require special forms of mobility can easily rent those items from several different companies close to the port at very reasonable rates. The items can be delivered directly to the ship and will be picked up at the end of the cruise.( Contact us for further information.)

*Leave emergency contact information and itinerary with family or friends, prior to departure.

* Please feel free to contact us regarding questions about personal items that you may need. 


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 Things you might need:

  1 power strip with circuit breaker

Keep medications in your CARRY-ON bags

Small bottle of Aloe

Band-aids and small spray antiseptic

Spray on sun screen

Eye glass repair kit  ( dollar store sells them)

Extra pair of eyeglasses

Extra batteries

Small sewing kit

Single dollar bills for tipping room service

·  cruise documents         

·  driver's license and auto insurance card - in case you decide to rent a car when ashore

·  medical insurance cards and medical history (especially if traveling alone) 

·   credit cards - be sure to call credit card companies before traveling

·   pre-paid phone card 

·  contact numbers to report lost/stolen credit cards or traveler's checks        

·   cell phone and charger   

·    binoculars 

·    extra memory cards

·    batteries for digital camera

·    battery charger

·     duct tape or strapping tape     

·    small flashlight 

·     small umbrella 

·     small first aid kit

·     Crazy glue 

·     bug spray 

·     sun screen

·    germicidal hand cleaner   


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